Diversity and Inclusion​

Diversity and Inclusion

Post-Merger and Acquisition, your firm needs to include all employees from diverse backgrounds into the newly unified company. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is an omnipresent concern in today’s corporate culture. While D&I is important for several reasons, Culturalytik inspects the practical commercial outcomes of your company’s post-merger D&I state through the “Paradox of Diversity”. Indeed, diversity is a strength, for instance improving innovation, but too much diversity can also lead to irreversible losses created by division. Culturalytik resolves this paradox by analyzing your firm’s deep diversity (cognitive diversity, cultural diversity,..) and by issuing advice to bridge gaps and chart a path toward an inclusive unified culture. It avoids practices with weak evidence (e.g. implicit bias training, dividing majority and minority,…) in favor of making culture explicit in the newly unified company.